NFE - Dish Soap Block / Vegan, 22.5oz

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This zero-waste soap block is a dishwashing marvel. Just wipe the top with sponge, scrubbie or dish brush and wash away! The sudsy lather cuts through grease and tackles all those stuck-on kitchen messes. The vegan formula includes aloe vera, so it’s kind to your hands and the environment. Can be used all over the home: laundry stains, sticky label residue, carpet spots, and grimy countertops don’t stand a chance. One of the huge size bars can replace up to 6 plastic bottles of typical liquid dish soap, or 10 - 18  months for a household of 1. 


  • 22.5oz soap block
  • Ideal for dishwashing, stain removal and general cleaning
  • Vegan formula; fragrance-free
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