DCA - Banneton Proofing Basket / Oval, 10"

Article number: 10" Oval Bannetton Basket
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These coveted and treasured Banneton Baskets are used to support dough as it rising and proves, supporting the structure of the dough so that it can create the texture and bubbles that make bread so delicious. These natural rattan baskets can also be used as serving pieces.


  • Material: natural rattan
  • Care: rinse with hot water and lay upside down to dry, do not use soap.
  • Dimensions: 7 W x 10 L x 3" H



These Banneton Baskets are designed to pair with "DCA - Banneton Proofing Basket LINER / Oval, Neutral, 10" or "DCA - Banneton Proofing Basket LINER / Oval, Cross, 10" Banneton Liners.

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