Dillon's - Tonic Syrup, 473ml

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Our new artisan Tonic. The best partner for your gin in your next Gin & Tonic. This recipe includes citrus peels, gentian, cinchona, juniper, coriander and other botanicals, it is sweetened using organic cane sugar. This syrup is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter to let your gin shine through.


What is the purpose of syrups? Sweet is one of the four key components that makes up a cocktail. Syrups provide the sweet while also adding body and viscosity to a cocktail. Fun fact; syrups disperse sweetness evenly throughout beverages of any temperature!


Sipping Ideas: Add it to your next Gin & Tonic.


  • Refrigerate after opening, will keep for 3 months after opening
  • 473ml
  • Based and crafted in Niagara, Ontario


At Dillon's, they take great pride in handcrafting products using copper stills and fresh local ingredients without artificial flavours or colours. Beginning this journey back in 2012 with a lot of passion, drive, commitment, and a big dream. A dream to make the best possible spirits and be honest at every step. They believe it takes an honest day’s work in the truest sense to make honest to goodness spirits.

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