JMI - HP Juniper / Non-Alcoholic Gin, 750ml

Article number: HP Juniper Gin Sans Alcool
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Using natural botanical aromatics from a classic dry gin, distilled without alcohol in a copper pot still, using traditional methods.


This non-alcoholic distilled spirit is carefully crafted to provide an alternative for people who want to enjoy the characteristic aroma and flavour of dry gin, without the effect of alcohol.


It is recommended to use as an ingredient in non-alcoholic cocktail/mocktails, typically made with gin or even vodka.


  • Volume: 750ml
  • Features: less than 0.5% ABV, gluten-free, vegan friendly
  • Hand crafted in Montreal, Canada


  • Visuals: clear 
  • Nose: complex of resinous and lemony spices
  • Taste: reminiscent of London Dry gin with notes of juniper and citrus peel, culminating in a dry and warming finish
  • Storage: store in a dry place protected from light at a constant temperature, consume within three months after opening
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